Daily Devotional Messages

Trust And Obey

  • Trust and obey. Be wise enough to seek My wisdom and humble enough to use it.

Do Not Be Demanding

  • Make your requests from Me with a happy and thankful attitude.

Have The Power To Pursue What’s Right

  • Have the power to pursue what is right and the control to overcome anything that gets in the way.

How To Shine With My Glory

  • As you spend time in My presence, you will shine with My glory.

When You Doubt Me...

  • Never doubt that I truly “feel your pain”.

Do Not Love Me

  • Love me with all your heart and soul.

Follow Me Blindly?

  • Follow Me. Let Me guide you and I will take you to places on high.

When You’re Prideful...

  • Do not be prideful. Keep humble and I will keep lift you up.

Be Quick To Forgive Others

  • Be quick to forgive others.

Mercy And Grace

  • Learn to recognize My mercy and My grace in your life.

Be Still And Wait On Me

  • Be still and wait on Me. Relax in knowing that My timing is perfect.

Do Not Be Jealous Of Those Who Do Wrong

  • Do not be jealous of those who do wrong. Their success is short-lived.

When You Love, A Multitude Of Sins Will Be Covered

  • When you love, a multitude of sins will be covered. A multitude of sins will be avoided too.

Be Steadfast In Me

  • Be steadfast in Me. Do not waiver but be firmly rooted.

Don’t Be Afraid

  • Don’t be afraid. Do not worry. I am with you and have everything under My perfect control.

Memorize My Word

  • Memorize My Word. Meditate on it at all times.

Renew Your Mind

  • Renew your mind. You will be transformed to become more like Me.

Embark In A New Adventure

  • Embark in a new adventure. I will take you to a new land.

Rejoice And Be Happy

  • Rejoice and be happy. Abide in Me and you will have exceeding joy.

Let Your Life Be An Example For All To See

  • Let your life be an example for all to see. In all your ways, point to Me.

Before You Decide That You Have Blown My Plan

  • Before you decide that you have blown My plan, realize that you are not that powerful.

Be Careful What You Say

  • Be careful what you say. Words are more powerful than you can even imagine.

Know That Sometimes You Will Have To Suffer

  • Know that sometimes you will have to suffer. But suffering leads to growth.

Don’t Hide From Me When You Sin

  • Don’t hide from Me when you sin. Come to Me with open arms.

Do Not Lay Up Riches On Earth For They Are Temporary

  • Do not lay up riches on earth for they are temporary. Spiritual treasures are eternal.

Control Yourself So That You May Live Righteously

  • Control yourself so that you may live righteously. It is to your full advantage to do so.

Grow Up And Away Your Immature Ways

  • Grow up and put away your immature ways. The rewards of being an adult far outweigh those of being a child.

Stand Ready

  • Stand ready. You are in a training to battle against the enemy.

Be Grateful

  • Be grateful. Don’t forget to be thankful for all good things.

Be Encouraged And Don’t Give Up

  • Be encouraged and don’t give up. It’s darkest just before the rainbow.

Do Not Be Ashamed Of Me

  • Do not be ashamed of Me. Be proud to be My child.

Seek My Face And I Will Show It To You

  • Seek My face and I will show it to you. Do not feel your efforts are in vain.

Come To Me And I Will Heal Your Land

  • Come to me and I will heal your land. I will prosper you.

Don’t Look Back

  • Don’t look back. Always look ahead.

Share Your Testimony Freely

  • Share your testimony freely. Tell others what I have done for you.

Be Compassionate

  • Be compassionate. Share the burdens of others.

Hold Fast To My Promises

  • Hold fast to My promises. I am a promise keeper.

Don’t Be Afraid To Help Others

  • Don’t be afraid to help others. Do not be afraid to accept help either.

Structure Is A Security I Have Placed Around You

  • Structure is a security I have placed around you. Live within your limits.

Be Interdependent Upon Me

  • Be interdependent upon Me. Do not seek to be independent but rely upon Me.

Never Boast Or Be Proud

  • Never boast or be proud. Being prideful brings destruction.

Sing A New Song

  • Sing a new song. I will bring new joy to you.

Do Not Feel You Are Above The Law

  • Do not feel you are above the law. Those who exalt themselves will fall.

You Are My Child

  • You are my child, heir to a great inheritance. Your position requires responsibility.

Be Wise

  • Be wise. Wisdom comes from experience, gleaning from forerunners.

Be Transparent In All You Do

  • Be transparent in all you do. A glass house has nothing to hide.

Build A Firm Foundation Underneath Yourself

  • Build a firm foundation underneath yourself. Be a house that can withstand all.

Take Shelter In My Loving Arms

  • Take shelter in my loving arms. I will keep you safe.

Never Look Down

  • Never look down. You will sink when you doubt me so keep looking at what lies ahead.

I Am Your King

  • I am your king. I am worthy of your praise.

I Will Show Mercy On You When I Choose To

  • I will show mercy on you when I choose to. I alone am able to do so.

Work Diligently

  • Work diligently. Time is short.

Keep My Commandments

  • Keep my commandments. They are always for your own good.

Know That My Grace Is Enough For All Your Needs

  • Know that my grace is enough for all your needs. I will get you through.

Do Not Expect That You Can Fully Understand Me

  • Do not expect that you can fully understand me. Do not try to figure me out for you are not capable of doing so.

I Created You For A Reason

  • Always know that I love you and have a purpose for your life. I created you for a reason.

Be Bold And Strong

  • Be bold and strong. Be full of courage because you belong to Me.

Pray For Your Enemies

  • Pray for your enemies. Let Me take care of the rest.

Lean On Me

  • Lean on me. In your weakness, you will be made strong.

Don’t Forget You Belongs To Me

  • Don’t forget you belong to Me. You are precious and were bought with the ultimate price.

Praying For Blessings

  • I hear your prayers asking for My blessings, and you shall have it.

Pray About Everything

  • Humble your heart and come to Me in prayer about everything.

Seek My Will

  • Look to Me and I will show you My will for your life.

I Discipline Those I Love

  • Do not despise My discipline. Rejoice in this correction.

My Help Provides Happiness

  • Always be joyful because I will never leave or forsake you.

Who Am I?

  • Do not fear for I can use you for My purpose as you are.

Saving The World

  • I was sent to this world so I could save you from your sins.

Guard Your Heart

  • Keep your heart clean through Me.

Beauty For Ashes

  • Rejoice and be glad, for I will give you joy instead of sorrow.

Setting The Captives Free

  • I have come to set you free from the sin that has enslaved you.

From Suffering To Glory

  • Trust that I will deliver you from suffering to glory.

King Of Glory

  • Remember that I am the Lord and King of glory.

Encouragement For Tomorrow

  • Don’t be discouraged because I will be with you wherever you go.

Fear The Lord

  • Fearing Me is the beginning of knowledge.

Turning From Idols

  • Turn away from idols and turn to Me who is God.

Do Not Be Ashamed Of The Gospel

  • Blessed are the ones who are persecuted in any way in My name.

Overcoming Evil With Good

  • Do not repay evil with evil. Instead, do good in My name.

Cheerful Giver

  • Honor Me by being a cheerful giver and I will pour My blessings to you.

Make Disciples

  • I have called you to make disciples in My name.

The God Who Sees You

  • Do not feel alone for I see you and I care.

The Perfect Gift

  • I promise you the perfect gift of eternal life.


  • It is by My grace that you have been saved.

Believe In Me

  • Believing in Me gives you eternal life full of joy and peace.

Laughter Is Good For The Soul

  • Your sadness won't last forever for I will fill you with laughter and joy.

No Foolish Talk

  • Be Holy in every aspect of your life, even in speech.

I Am The Bread Of Life

  • Come to Me and you will never have to hunger or thirst again.

Light Of The World

  • Follow Me in the light and you will never walk in darkness.

I Am The Gate

  • There is no other way to My Kingdom but through Me.

The Good Shepherd

  • I am the good Shepherd who lays down His life for My sheep.

The Resurrection And The Life

  • Whoever lives by believing in Me will never die.

The Way, The Truth, And The Life

  • Walk in My way, live in My truth, and gain eternal life with Me.

I Am The Vine

  • Stay connected to My vine in order to bear good fruit.

The Perfect Lamb

  • I am the perfect Lamb sacrificed to save you from sin.

Chosen People

  • You are chosen and predestined for My purposes.

Terrible Times

  • There will be terrible times ahead, but you musn't lose the hope I gave you.

Body Of Christ

  • You were all baptized by one Spirit so as to form one body.

Showing Love To Others

  • If you love Me, then also love one another.

Live A New Life

  • Live a renewed life that is without sin.

I Equip Those I Call

  • I will equip you with everything you need to heed my call.

Living By Faith

  • Have faith and be confident in what you hope for.

I Created The Universe

  • I am the Lord, Creator of the universe.

Great Is Your Reward

  • Rejoice in the knowledge that your reward in heaven will be great.

I Always Keep My Promises

  • I am faithful and will keep all of My promises.

Making The Weak Strong

  • Seek Me and I will give you enough strength for all things.

I Will Fight Your Battles

  • If you are overwhelmed, remember that I will fight with you.

Humble Yourself

  • Be humble and value others above yourself.

Blessed Are The Children

  • The kingdom of God belongs to children.

Trust And Obey

  • If you call Me Lord, do what I tell you for I know what is best for you.

Godly Wisdom

  • Don’t be wise in your own eyes but seek My wisdom and I shall give it to you.


  • Remember that I am always with you.

I Am Calling You

  • I am calling you to be a light to a world of darkness.

Love Your Neighbor

  • Like the Good Samaritan, you must love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Spiritual Growth

  • Nourish your spiritual growth with My Word.

Gave Much, Much Required

  • I have given you many gifts so that you may use them for My glory.

All Things Will Become New

  • I promise you a new Kingdom without pain and suffering.

Honoring Your Parents

  • Honor your parents as I have commanded you.

Children Of Light

  • When you believe in the light, you become children of light.

Pray For Others

  • I hear you when you pray for others' needs.

The Battle Is Mine

  • Call to Me and I will fight your battles for you.

I Am Everything You Need

  • My divine power gives you everything you need.

Meditate On My Word

  • Meditate on My Word and live by it at all times.

A Woman That Fears The Lord

  • A holy woman's beauty is in her inner self and spirit.

My Temple

  • Take care of your body for it is the temple of My Holy Spirit.

I Am Full Of Love

  • I am a gracious God with unfailing love.

Gathering The Lambs In My Arms

  • I am the Good Shepherd and you are the precious lamb I laid my life for.

Remain Faithful

  • Remain faithful and you will receive what I have promised.

Don’t Envy The Wicked

  • Do not envy the wicked for they will perish in their unfaithfulness.

Be Kind And Compassionate

  • Be kind and compassionate to one another as I am with you.

Hate What Is Evil

  • Hate what is evil and cling to what is good.

Dust To Dust

  • Everyone will be judged and will receive what is due to them.

You Reap What You Sow

  • You will reap eternal life from sowing to My Spirit.

Fearfully And Wonderfully Made

  • You are fearfully and wonderfully created in My image for My pleasure and My glory.

It Is Finished

  • I have willingly given up My Spirit to save any who ask.

What Do I Require?

  • Act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with Me.

Dwelling Among You

  • I am coming to walk among My people.


  • Whoever sows bountifully will reap bountifully.

Dealing With Disappointment

  • When disappointment comes, hold tightly to your faith.

Store Yourtreasures In Heaven

  • Riches will not save you, but good deeds will be rewarded in My Kingdom.


  • Be wary of deceivers who deny that I am Christ.

False Prophets

  • Do not let false prophets deceive you.

Futility Of Life

  • Seeking for satisfaction in life without Me is futile.

Year Of Jubilee Fulfilled

  • I came to proclaim the Year of Jubilee.


  • Glorify Me as one spirit.

My Ways And Thoughts Are Higher

  • Trust that My plan and purpose are above anything you can imagine.