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Lourdes Shrine

5,240 Prayer Requests
Katie Tuovinen

Please heal my heart problems and give my kids back the mother they need

Vincent Vicewolf

Please help my father of his illness

Alison Harvey

Please let my brain be ok and free from cancer and tumors

Margaret Murray

Please help us with your blessing to deal with our grief at this time. Thank you

Sally Cambridge

For my daugter sarah she get nice appt to live soon

Catherine Lombardo

Jo Ann need prayers for an unkown illness

Violet Clarkson

Please can my back be healed

Shirley Lakin-Cameron

My Archangel Raphael, please heal my mind body and spirit and make me strong again so that I may help my family. Amen. Thank you.

Siguiente Omay Myrna

My Dear Archangel Raphael as Gods Healer please Heal me in all my body sickness and Spiritual necessities and including all who are suffering great pains and problems in life especially all my families and loved ones with my all my friends too.Thank you so much

Suzanne Turner

Send healing to David gaertner. His body . His mind and spirit as he overcomes the aftermath of a car accident. Heal and make him whole

Patricia Gil

For Marguerite Mikey Michael Melissa Chris Michelle Brandon Megan Liam Mike Helen Keep us happy healthy safe loved provided for and protected and one.

Patricia Hannon

Pat Hannon May God keep us all safe

Rochelle Jordan

Healing for my sons who have lost their jobs due to retrenchment and loss of clients for a personal trainer, please

Kathryn McCord

Archangel Raphael, please wrap your loving wings around my sister's family as they say goodbye to Sam Toy.

Michelle Corbett

please heal me and protect my family

Shirley Hull

Please pray for everyone in the world

Barbara Warren

May the healing power of the Father and His Angels surround us all

Phyllis Keddy

Please send a prayer for healing to the entire world - it is about time we cared for more than just ourselves

Timmy Karen Hodges

I need prayers for the healing of my health

Ron Weight

Please send healing to the whole of the world my family my children and children's children amen

Yolanda Clifford

Please heal and protect me Yolanda, hubby John, and our daughter's lucy and Olivia. Amen

Helen Parker

Please send healing to all in the world, shine love and light so we all heal in peace and harmony, blessings

Avice Green

May all who are infected with coronavirus get better soon and those who are not infected stay safe

Helen Parker

Thank you for your strength courage love to everyone blessings

Diane Gaete

Diane Gaete, Capri Kanelos, Danielle Branton, and Danny Branton and families...and all of the rest of the world

Cathy Cranford

God Bless, the Lord is watching out for you, not to worry.....

Helen King

Please pray and heal this awful cough I've had for many many months

Hazel Martin

Please help with my rib and back pain. Amen. Thank you

Jackie Webb

Please help my daughter with her psoriasis and weight loss


Please heal all those who are down with the pandemic

Kim Forbess

Please pray that God will heal my lungs , keep my family safe from the covid and heal Billy Schneider’s lungs and Mary Lou heal your body of arthritis in the name of Jesus and please heal Kristys allergies Lord Amen

Fred Delagarza

Bring my family back home, cleanse me of cancer and brain tumors, need help financially.

Graciela Trujillo

High blood presser


My right foot.

Dawn Castelucci

Please heal myself and all of their problems thank you

Rita Poli

For myself, my husband and four children

Barbara Conklin

Heal my heart health problems please lord

Patricia Stroud

Pray for my three children and their salvation.. Pray for protection and for shield of God over them. Pray for me and my grieving process over loosing my mom.. Pray for my Great Depression.. Pray for healing over all my body.. Pray for the Holy Spirit


I need prayer depression and stomach pain! Thank you


Please heal my nephew Michael! Thank you and God Bless!

Deborah J Long

Release from anxiety and loneliness

Deborah St amand

please pray for me and my niece Cheryl, we both have cancer and need your healing prayers, in Jesus name Amen.

Joe michaels

Give my friend Frank Costanzo the strength to fight all of his medical prblems.

Sandra Bresnahan

Grandson needs healing from infection

Alberta Mitchell

Healing For My Body And Carrie Bishop

Marilyn Kennedy

Please pray for me that my very rare form of cancer can be cured

Marilyn Kennedy

Please pray for me that my very rare form of cancer can be cured

Rosamond daughtrey

God to heal my legs to that I can walk again

Tanya Denison

Total healing of body, mind and soul.


i FELL AWHILE AGO AND MY LEFT Leg STILL HURTS ME ANdSOMETIMES HARDLY CAN WALK. , Lord please hear my wish that it will heal soon with your blesses.. thank yoi Lord.

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