What Is The Virtual Lourdes Shrine?

Six million people make a pilgrimage each year to France in hope of a miracle from the wondrous Spring at Lourdes.

At the waters of Lourdes, the blind regain their sight. The deaf hear again. The crippled toss away their crutches and walk.

It all started in February 1858, when the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared in the cave of Massabielle and spoke to 14-year old Bernadette Soubirous, and asked her to dig up a spring and drink its water. As word spread, people with various illnesses and healing needs flocked to Lourdes for a sip of holy water.

Over a couple of centuries, countless people who went on pilgrimage to the holy shrine found healing and comfort. To date, 70 miraculous healings have been officially attributed by the Vatican to Lourdes.

It would be an absolutely wonderful experience for any believer, wouldn't it?

The unfortunate reality is that not everyone can afford to go to Lourdes, especially in the middle of a global pandemic that's limited transportation and brought economic stress to millions of businesses.

And that's why we built this Virtual Lourdes Shrine for you.

At this Shrine, you can post your own prayer for healing, or pray for other people who need it, right at your fingertips. It's free to use anytime, anywhere.

Click here to get started.